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01-15 July we are not able to send out any international orders because of holidays. We apologize any inconvenience this may cause. 

Nordic Cab don´t have international distribution at the moment, but we do send  orders from Norway. Since Norway is not a part of the EU orders must be exported. Please see scale below for the prices. All prices on the website is NOK and including 25% Norwegian VAT. We will invoice without VAT, and national VAT in your country might be added on import according to regulations in your country. 

Minimum order product value is about 500 NOK/SEK | 50 EUR/USD

We send our international orders once every week on thursdays. Orders must be registered and pre-paid at the latest the day before. 

EU freight cost:

Description Cost in NOK / SEK Cost in EUR
Freight up to 1kg 374 37,4
Per additional kg, up to maximum 20kg 32 3,2
Explorer 3-in-1 and 6-in-1 (estimate. Must be offered individually) 900 90-180


World freight cost:

Description Cost in NOK Cost in USD
Freight up to 1kg 418 NOK 4,2 USD
Per additional kg, up to maximum 20kg 75 NOK 7,5 USD


Prices of some popular articles:

Namn / Name Pris NOK / SEK eks MVA Price EUR / USD ex VAT
Explorer 6-in-1 7512 751
Explorer 3-in-1 5432 543
Cykelfäste / Bike Hitch 232 23
Regnskydd / Raincover 472 47
Babysäte / Baby seat 1032 103
Nackstöd / Head support 272 27
Delat säte / Split seat back 472 47
U-låsepinne / U-lock pin 152 15
Kapell 2010-15 Blå / Canopy 2010/15 Blue 632 63
Cykel arm / Bike towbar 392 39
Flagga / Flag 192 19

To register an order we need: Name, adress, e-mail and phonenumber + products

For order of Explorer 3in1/6in1 or other packages the freight cost must be offered individually after we get adress information. To order please send us an email (info@ncsolutions.no) with description/ link/ picture of what you need, and we will send you an offer. If accepted we will register the order and send a pyment link thru PayPal that must be prepaid before we send the order. You can also use Google translate on our site to find the product you need and price. For price in EUR and USD just substract 25% VAT from the price you find, and put a comma before the ast number. (NOK 100/ 1,25= 80NOK = 8,0USD/EUR) 



General information from Nordic cab Solutions AS (NCSAS) on warranty cases. 
Nordic Cab AS and its Swedish branch NC Filial Sweden was unfortunately bankrupt in July 2019.
NCSAS bought in September 2019 all products rights and stock from the beneficiary. 
This means that NCSAS is not liable for warranty cases om product bought from Nordic Cab AS or international retailers from that period. We of course want to contribute to solve any product challenges, but we do recommend that the inquiry is directed to place of purchase.